Annual Calendar (2019)

Geelong Bonsai Club Inc 2019 Events Calendar
Day Date Program / Event
Monday 14-Jan General Meeting –  Club Workshop
Monday 11-Feb General meeting – 3 Ninja’s Demonstration
Monday 11-Mar General Meeting – Club Workshop
Saturday 16-Mar Workshop- Joe Morgan -Payler
Monday 8-Apr General – Demonstration Joe Morgan -Payler
Tuesday 7-May Committee Meeting Location TBA
Monday 13-May General Meeting – Club Workshop
Sunday 26-May Nursery Crawl – Bendigo
Monday 10-Jun General Meeting – Demonstration TBA
Tuesday 2-Jul Committee Meeting Location TBA
Monday 8-Jul General Meeting – Club Workshop
Saturday 10-Aug Workshop- Joe Morgan -Payler
Monday 12-Aug General  – Demonstration Bonsai sentation
Monday 9-Sep General Meeting – Club Workshop
Tuesday 17-Sep Committee Meeting Location TBA
Saturday 21-Sep Workshop- Joe Morgan -Payler
Monday 14-Oct General – Demonstration – Joe Morgan-Payler
Saturday 12-Oct Workshop- Joe Morgan -Payler
Monday 4-Nov General Meeting – demo critic Quentin Valentine
Sat/ Sun 9-10 Nov Geelong Bonsai Club Annual Show
Tuesday 3-Dec Committee Meeting Location TBA
Monday 9-Dec Annual General Meeting – Xmas Break Up
Annual Show Bench Activity
Month Tree of the Month Style of the Month
January Own Choice Own Choice
February Figs & Natives Group Planting or Saikei
March Elms Raft or Clump
April Cedars & Minis Informal Upright
May Autumn Foliage Twin or Multi -trunk
June Pine & Junipers Full or Semi cascade or Minis
July Deciduous Formal Upright or Suiseki
August Any Every green Windswept or Slanting
September Olives Root over rock / rock planting
October Flowering or Fruiting Literati or Broom
November Amber Shari’s, Jin’s & Driftwood
December Ash / Wisteria Own Choice
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