Ten Commandments of Bonsai

1. Thou shalt devise thine own potting mix Thou mayest seek advice and help from others but must formulate thine own mix according to thine own micro environment and watering and fertilizing regiment.

2. Thou shalt determine the ph of thine own water and adjust it to slightly acidic.

3. Thou shalt immediately, or as soon as possible, remove any new plant from its original potting mix and place it in thine own.

4. Thou shalt abhor, despise, detest and hate all such vermin as squirrels and mayest not go to the local feed store and buy the 50 lb. bags of corn to feed them because “they are so cute”.

5. Thou shalt take care of thy bonsai as though they were thine own children – for indeed, they art Thou shalt water them, feed them, groom them, love them and keep them from all harm.

6. Thou shalt do thine own re-potting and trimming Thou mayest seek advice and assistance but must do the acual work thine own self.

7. Thou shalt not bow down and worship “The Rules” of bonsai and shalt recognize that they are naught but “guidelines” – albeit excellent guidelines Thou shouldst learn them and abide by them – when applicable and possible.

8. Thou shalt seek diligently for potential bonsai, they; being available whence and where found.

9. Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s bonsai, nor his pots, nor his tools – lest ye be willing to pay him at least 10 times its maximum true value.

10. Thou shalt do everything in they power to promote the Art of Bonsai.