The 26th AABC National Bonsai Convention hosted by
Canberra Bonsai Society Inc, Rydges Lakeside Convention Centre, Canberra, 17-20 May 2013.

“The Australian Journey”

Over the last sixty years the Australian bonsai community has grown from individuals working alone or in small, unconnected groups, to a national community that is connected to the international bonsai community at many levels.  During this time, approaches to bonsai around the world have evolved to embrace new materials, new techniques and new paradigms. Within Australia there has been increasing appreciation of our diverse landscapes and the use of Australian materials, especially our native plants.

More recently, we have begun to actively explore and promote a new approach to developing and shaping Australian plants as bonsai, a way that better evokes trees in the Australian landscape.

The 2013 convention program reflects the traditions of miniature trees and landscapes that we have inherited from China and Japan and explores the evolution of the art of bonsai in the Australian context.

Join us in Canberra in 2013 for the 26th AABC Convention to celebrate The Australian Journey as we review its many points of interest, discuss past and present pioneers and think about the next leg of our journey as we all continue to shape the future of bonsai in Australia.

Explore our Australian Journey at the 2013 AABC Convention, Canberra.